Talentzhub is an online innovative start up dedicated to help talented chaps globally and learn the skills, share their own experiences and promote the talent zeal within to others. So once you become a member of talentzhub, you can start posting your talent based on the categories.

Available Talent Categories.

  • Painting
  • Craft Works
  • Art
  • Jewelry
  • Photography
  • Poem Writing
  • Just for foodies
    Note: Got any talents which is not listed in the category?  Dont wait Just mail us to admin@talentzhub.com and we will have the category created for your talent!!

So how do you post a talent?

You will have to become a registered user at talentzhub and click on post link in the right hand side or “+new” menu just below the address bar. Once you are in you can
find the best category that suites your talent. Give a short description/note of your talent for other to know the effort you have put together (posting can be in video/image format). After posting you can make it more social friendly like share, comment, get rating etc. We will also be introducing points for each talent you post online which can earn you gifts and surprises. More the hits you will be featured in the homepage and if it’s a video you can also in featured in video of the week.  We will also be introducing karma points for your talents which will earn you surprise gifts in near future.

What else?
Apart from talents you can also create a forum, topic and have closed groups added to your circles. You share the best practices used in your talents and also discuss on new techniques and methodologies used on any given talent.

So, go-ahead and start posting your talent. Let the world know who and what you are capable off…

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