Rabdi for Rakshabhandan

Rabdi for Rakshabhandan

Ingredients :

Ghee – 2tsp

Ricota cheese – 15oz

Whole milk – 8oz

Condensed milk – 8oz

Sugar – 1/2 cup (or as required)

Cardamom powder – 2-3 pinch

Shredded badam & pista nuts

Saffron – very little

Method of Preparation:

Add 2 tsp of Ghee in a non stick pan  then add the ricotta cheese and smash well so that the lumps are not formed cook it for about 10mins. Then slowly add half of the milk and cook until it thickens then add the other half of the whole milk and the condensed milk, cook it in medium heat for about 5mins. Once it starts boiling add sugar, cardamom powder, half of the nuts and saffron and allow it to boil for other 5 mins in low flame and ensure the recipe is not in liquid state nor in a solid state. Turn of the stove and serve it hot garnished with rest of the nuts on top or allow it to cool down in room temperature and refrigerate it if you like to serve it cold. Rabdi - Rakshabhandan dessert IMG_3412



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