Online Contest – November [Winner Announced]

Online Contest – November [Winner Announced]

Congratulations Gracelin!
Winner gets a cash reward of Rs.1000/-

Title: Any festival season
Category – sweets & savories
Age: 18+ years 
Entries: Only 1 entry per category should be related to Deepavali celebration allowed to participate in both the categories.
Contest : Closed

Contestants please enter your name, age, location and the festive occasion which you have represented without fail.

TH points: Collect your points in your piggy bank with posting across different categories.

1. Prizes will be categorized with the age criteria based on the contest entries. Validation is purely based on presentation, innovation, aesthetic appeal and alas TH team decision is final!

Questions, Help, Support? we are available anytime just use “Click to Chat” service at the bottom right portion and you will get answered swiftly or feel free to email us at

Steps on how you can post
Start off
1.    Sign into your account
2.    Once you logged in click on “+new” link on the top bar and select Post from the dropdown.
3.    Enter a title in the first line of the form.
4.    After title been entered start to write your post.
5.    You can also cut and paste it from a word document

6.    Click on “Add Media” to add images/videos to your post
7.    Click on upload files, click on select files, select appropriate file and click on insert into post

Category/Tags/Featured Image
8.    Select “November” Category for the contest
9.    On the right hand side you can add tags to your post by writing in the subjects that your post covers
10.   Featured Image by clicking on “Set Featured Image”, select your uploaded image and click on “”Set as Featured Image”
11.   Preview your post and publish it

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