Ladoo (Motichoor)


For Ladoo

Besan/Gram/Kadalai Powder – 1 cup

Water – as required

Orange/Kesari  colour

Oil – to cook boondi


For Jeera

Sugar – 1 1/4 cups

Water – 1 cup

Milk – 2 Tbsp

Orange/Kesari colour

Powdered Cardamom – a pinch

Any essence (preferred rose essence)


Other ingredients:

Sliced badam

Sliced cashews



You might find a lot of recipes for the motichoor ladoo. This is a much simplied version of mine which got me a great applause from family and friends.

For Boondi:

Mix the gram powder with a pinch of orange/kesari colour and then add water to it. The mixture should be consistent to dosa batter. Not too thick or too watery. Too thick would not cook well and watery would drink a lot of oil.

Heat oil in a broad vessel; to test the heat, drop a bit of the batter in the oil. If the batter comes to surface of the oil, as soon as it is dropped, the oil is in the right heat.

Drop the batter in the oil using a sieve (Boondi karandi). Cook them to 75% and place them on a tissue to remove the excess oil. DO NOT cook 100% as they would turn crispy and cannot be ground later.

It’s ideal to clean the sieve every time you use it. Or at the least wipe it clean to use it for the next round of boondi.

For Jeera:

Mix the sugar, water and place it on the stove. As soon as it starts boiling, add 2tbsp of boiled and cooled milk. This removes the dirt in sugar. As soon as the dirt starts settling by the side remove them with a spoon and discard. Wait for 1 strand consistency (once you place a bit of jeera between your index finger and thumb, the jeera should be sticky and make a single long strand).

Once the jeera comes to 1 strand consistency, switch off the stove, add a pinch of powdered cardamom and the rose essence. Also mix a pinch of orange/kesari powder.  Mix well and then add boondi to it.

After boondi is mixed well with jeera, put the mixture in a mixer jar, add 2tbsp of boiling water to it and grind well.

Add the sliced badam and cashews to the mixture. Mix well and make ladoos. This mixture would still be wet. Do not worry about it. It would settle in a few minutes. (I have added raisins to garnish).


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