Basic Material Used for Foil Paper Art:

  • Krishna Pattern on Butter paper or chart paper
  • Piece of glass with frame
  • Aluminium Foil paper(Gold or Silver whichever is available)
  • Black Asian oil paint
  • Black outliner
  • Brush

Procedure for Foil Paper Art:

  • Place Pattern below the Glass Sheet and draw the pattern on glass with the help of outliner from above.
    Paint the background with black color and let it dry.
  • For Krishna-No need to color just take aluminium foil paper (almost the size of your glass frame), fold it carefully and slightly crush it then again open it carefully.
    Place the crush foil paper sheet on glass on the same side where you have painted black color .
  • Fix the foil paper on glass with solo tape.
  • on the other side you will get the result that is the below picture.
  • Frame it and hang it on puja room.
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