Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad

Yummy Fruit Salad

Ingredients :

Yogurt 32 oz
Sour Cream 32 oz

Condensed Milk : medium sized can or Honey

Fruits : Apple ,grapes, banana, strawberry,Pineapple, mango, prune, or any fruits of your choice
Cut the fruits into small pieces and keep aside.
In a bowl mix the Yogurt with condensed milk and beat nicely to bring to a good consistency without any lumps.

If you do not want to use condensed milk you can surely use honey instead.
If you do not want to use Yogurt you can also use Sour cream. I prefer Yogurt because it is very healthy and also my kid just loves it .
Mix the fruits with this yogurt cream , give it a quick stir .
Refrigerate for some time before serving.
You can garnish it with cut almonds , cashew and raisins. I usually sprinkle some dried cranberries soaked with honey on it .

Serve it to your family and guests after a nice dinner or Lunch.
I feel this is the the most easy to make dessert recipe  yet a very healthy one.

The best part is you will  be surprised to see how your kids eat this without any complaints!


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