•             Basmati Rice          -           1   cup
  •             Carrot                       -           3 medium size(grated)
  •            Coriander seed         -              2tsp
  •             Jeera                          -           11/2 tsp
  •             Coconut                    -           1tbsp
  •             Red Chilli                  -           2 nos.
  •             Fried peanut              -           One handful
  •             Salt                             -           for taste.
  •             cinnamon sticks.
  •             Oil                              

Coriander leaves, curry leaves , Cashews for garnishing.

To Grind :

Mixture1 :

      Fry coriander seeds,Jeera, Red chilli and coconut in 1tsp of oil  . And grind the mixture keep it aside.

Mixture 2:

      Dry grind handful of fried peanuts and keep it aside.

Method :

  1.          Soak 1 cup of Rice in water for 10 mins and drain it .
  2.          Heat  the pan add 1tbsp of Ghee  and fry the rice for 2 mins.
  3.          Now add 11/2 cup of water and cook the rice
  4.        Once done cool the cooked Rice and keep it aside.
  5.          Now take another pan and heat it.
  6.         Add one tbsp of oil temper mustard seeds,curry leaves and cinnamon sticks.
  7.        Now put the grated carrot and fry for 3mins (should be done in medium flame)
  8.        Add the grinded mixture1 and continue frying, after 2mins add grinded mixture2 continue frying for 2mins .
  9.        Add salt according to your taste.
  10.         Now add Cooked Rice  to the Mixture and stir well.
  11.          Turn off  the stove.

Garnish with coriander leaves  and cashews( fry in ghee ).Serve hot with Any Raithas.



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