As the word describes, we would have a variety of interesting information on what we see in our daily routines lives. So in this section so far we have three categories.

  1. Just for Foodies
  2. Fargo
  3. Get Inspired

Just for foodies would have the best recipes from around the web. We have come up with this section to tickle your taste bud!. Yes, you can post your famous signature dishes from home in just a click away. Well, you are not interested in writing then we have the options of posting a simple video or if you already have recipe online in youtube just embed that link in here. Meet like minded people and share your thoughts, get feedback, suggestions and improvements.

Fargo¬†everyone would have come through some unique experience in traveling and we have got a space to relish and share the wonderful experience which you would love to share the outside world. Not everyone known or unknown to you would have traveled to places like you but sure you can bring out those places with giving some useless information (like travel directions, tips, pics, and videos about world where only you could have seen! We must stand to the word “World is small” and its just a blog away!

Get Inspired¬†so how many of you know the dabbawalas in Mumbai are been tracked or taken as inspirations for their working model. Even IIT ians are trying to understand how they can cope up with their timing and get the food delivered on time to different locations. Well, we do have the very common sense within us to become an entrepreneur. But how can we get to know? we would want you to get into this section and post your inspiration/role models who are a budding entrepreneurs in today’s world. You would really make a difference

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